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Aberforth lives again!

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
12:49 pm
Andi, Kel! Go read Two Words by Pansie Goodlay. It's H/D and really, really nice.

Burying rambling, sorryCollapse )

The person who reviewed Burying said it reminded her of Edmund White. Who wrote this in some essay:

As a young teenager I looked desperately for things to read that might excuse me or assure me I wasn't the only one, that might confirm an identity I was unhappily piecing together. In the early 1950s, the only books I could find in the Evanston, Illinois, Public Library were Thomas Mann's Death in Venice (which suggested that homosexuality was fetid, platonic and death-dealing) and the biography of Nijinsky by his wife (in which she obliquely deplored the demonic influence of the impresario Diaghilev on her saintly husband, the great dancer—an influence that in this instance had produced not death but madness).

Which I thought was quite funny, though I don't know if he meant it to be.

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7:19 am
I'm wondering if the UK QAF episode seven is just really strange but Stuart is a whole lot edgier than Brian. They're practically two different characters. I mean, they are, but Brian is supposed to be modelled on Stuart and it's not very obvious. They both don't say much but Stuart is like, Mr. Internalising. And Brian just feels hollowed out. Like Stuart likes being alone because it gives him time to be cynical and mocking and self-pitying and Brian doesn't like being alone because he needs to be screwing something all the time or else he'll actually have to stop and think and if he stops and thinks he'll probably just want to murder himself. And Aiden Gillen's not as immediately attractive (i.e screaming SEX) as Gale Harold, so the character really comes out. I think I just boxed Brian into Good Looking Gay Man, but heck, he does it to himself enough anyway. Wanker. Stuart is just... phwoar. Phwoar with a killer smile and lovely hands. And he has these twinkly eyes... And in episode seven he had this weird thing where I think he was jealous of Vince's boyfriend. But not in a I-like-Vince kind of way, more in a I-own-this-man kind of way. The UK one is probably less of a soap than the US. Don't like anybody else in the UK version though. I like Michael. I can't realign my Michael into Vince. Vince is a pussy. I like Emmett. Oh no I really like the show. And it's going to just descend into a porn soap, isn't it?

Me: Do you know Queer As Folk?
David: Yeah, yeah it was on some time ago. The one with the gay men?
Me: Is the UK one any good?
David: I don't know... I was watching Cold Feet at the time... and it never really grew on me...
Annabelle: Thank God.

There was this sizzling sound when he said 'I don't know', so either they were cooking or she fried his balls. Justin's becoming incredibly fun to watch. I love him while I cringe at everything he does. There was this funny passage in that portable virgin book I wanted to take down, and now I've gone and forgotten it. Ok I'm supposed to be sewing my name onto all my clothes, so I shall go and do that now.

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Friday, December 26th, 2003
4:05 pm
Daniel's watching some film version of Le Nozze Di Figaro. He's amusing himself by forwarding it and making their voices go really fast.

I bought Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure today. Aparna said the cover was blasphemous. I've been getting bored pretty easily recently, but this is nicely addictive... Peter Moore said it's 'Kathy Lette meets Tom Robbins on a slow train to Varanasi with Bill Bryson supplying the onion bhajis'. Bizarrely enough travel literature is FUN. There is a god on the front who looks like a man who looks like a woman who looks like Chit.

I wanted to get The Portable Virgin too, but I didn't and now I'm just kicking myself. Might go back and get it, actually. It was a bit schizophrenic but not in a new-age way... it was detailed and Irish and kinda comforting, only it hopped a lot between things. And it made me laugh. I'll start swearing by Irish writing soon.

Figaro is really funny actually. Cherubino just jumped off the balcony.

Just got a whole lot of Elijah clips off frodoandsam.net and he is too, too cute! I want to just... hug him. Bloody annoyed though, for some reason I can't download the funny, funny urinating in a fountain Leno clip. It downloads, but then it's a tiny file. It's like... a non-clip. Have to wait four days for Minty to send it over.

? Julia Roberts is on my mum's TV going, "Women, women, boobs, boobs. I like butts."

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10:34 am
Aparna came over for the last of Christmas Eve and we spent the first hours of Jesus' birthday watching a gay porn soap.

QAF downloading going nicely, but it's such a weird show, seriously. We decided the actors were pretty awful, and the editing was strange, and the music made us want to fling ourselves over something sharp. Or the music people. But we couldn't stop, though I'm thinking that had something, or a lot of somethings, to do with the utter hotness of Brian. Andi I adore Emmett. 'Schindler's Fist'! That is just wonderfully wrong on SO many levels.

"Drop trou and bend over!"

My brother got me Rock Spectacle for Christmas. I need Chit, her phone roaming's inactive or something. I could die listening to Break Your heart live. And Minty's gone off to India too, and Bao has gone somewhere. If Aps hadn't come back I think I'd have just expired of loneliness. I might actually get around to it in two week's time (where does the time go?) so I shouldn't talk so much.

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
5:51 pm
Hey Kel. You know, for me it works in exactly the opposite way. I like Pete Jackson's characters better than Tolkien's, at risk of being pelted to death by random small objects. I did love the books. I get quite irritated when people say that Tolkien loved his own writing more than he loved his characters. I just kind of (slightly conveniently) classify the LOTR books as being in that era and that class of literature where the fashion was to be slightly officious. Coherent free-form didn't hit the world until after the Beats, or so I think.

But Tolkien's Frodo really, really annoyed me. I couldn't identify with him at all, he was just this oldish creaky guy who I imagined to be something like PJ's Bilbo when we first see him. I talked to Minty about this, too. Yes, the plot, the themes, the detail were all very Up There, and I was surprised by how Tolkien was very sweetly funny despite writing like one of those literary god-types. But there's stories which rely on theme, and there's stories which rely on heart. You forgive Oscar Wilde for his stiff writing because Dorian is representative of something, and the style brings the substance. But you can't forgive Tolkien for basing his epic on how the most ordinary of folk can change the fortunes of the world, and failing to let us identify with the ordinary folk. I think it's just the twenty first century going READER ALIENATION, but I'm a twenty-first century girl, yeah? I like my boys more primal. I don't think it's a fault of the books, or of Tolkien, I wouldn't say that the writing got in the way of the tale, I think it's just that audience expectations change.

For me the 'ideal' that you love is the very thing that I couldn't reconcile with accessibility. Yes, when you strip away the frills of the world and get down to good and evil and power, you're left with a pretty bland slate. And it can go both ways, you can take the themes and caricature your characters into being symbols of some humanity's eternal battle, or you can just be fucking boring. And LOTR is in no way fucking boring, but somewhere along the way Tolkien's characters developed selfishness, love, spitefulness, ambiguity. Why? Because they were real. Because you need to see yourself in Frodo before you can be interested in his journey. But Tolkien held them back. He had to have them perfect. They had to be great kings of men, they had to be extraordinary, because although he had the then-novel idea that the antihero was set to be the new hero, no one wants to read about Frodo deciding to stay in the Shire and staring at burning haystacks everyday for the rest of his life (and the complex train of thought monologue had not yet been invented). Tolkien was a traditionalist if anything, to me.

So I think his attempts to humanise Frodo by saying yes, this is just a hobbit. He is you, he is me. But he has enormous inner strength, didn't work. And obviously his style didn't help. I was reading some old Enid Blyton stuff the other day, and I honestly don't know how I got through them as a kid. Joe, Bessie and Fanny are as flat as a very flat thing. But maybe when you're a kid it's the plotlines and the colourful magic lands you're interested in, and as long as the three main people are recognisably human and small like you the link is clinched. And I don't know what the reception to LOTR at the time was, but Kel, do you realise that the complaints of Tolkien's officiousness are because of the mass media too? Previously there was no need for Tolkien to be accessible. People like the fact there is a Shakespearean elite. People like the fact that the Bible is so difficult, it makes it feel official and worth respecting. But now that the story of Frodo and Sam is being made Universal, people watch PJ's films and they say, orh I think I'll go look for the movie tie-ins. Somehow I've argued my way over to your camp, and my next sentence is going to be: And that's why I think PJ's trilogy ruined the books.

Even though I never liked the books to begin with. Now I'm confused. Wait. Ok, how about, the trilogy made me realise exactly what it is I don't like about the books. I read them and I dismissed them. And then the film came along and I read them again, and I remember the first time I heard Peter Jackson's name I thought, fucking literary wannabe, you're never going to see it through, this is impossible. Then I shook my fists in the direction of Hollywood and jumped up and down a few times. Impossible, y'hear??

Which is why I now call PJ a genius and jump to his defense any time anyone says anything not nice about his films, no matter how much sense they make and I don't at the end of the day, or how apologetic they are about their opinions. No, he might not have done LOTR in its entirety complete justice, but he has offered us a fan's interpretation of Tolkien, and as Andi says, in that way, he is channelling Tolkien's spirit. I didn't think he could put it all on film, and he didn't. He did something even braver: he whittled the books down to a manageable size, and he infused them with the personality that Tolkien's world never came across to me as having.

He isn't to blame for the Legolas-lovers, or the popularity, or anything else. Unless you're talking about his ability to bring to life and the world a tale that was previously locked in a literary ivory tower. Yes, I know the world is divided into two halves... quote, but quite obviously the sudden increase in worldwide desire to buy Aragorn action dolls is an indication of just how much of that select half was touched by it previously. Yes, I hate the commercialisation. I know 'Aragorn action dolls' leaves a sour aftertaste, and I almost feel like I have to go take some sinner's bath now. Perhaps he has singled out characters more than Tolkien intended. Perhaps he has gone into individual relationships so much so that you only see a close-up of the tapestry. But he has brought these books to the world, and he's brought them in a way that is both admirable and realistic.

The fangirls are inevitable, and in fact I respect him even more for acknowledging them with the Legolas-kills-an-Oliphaunt bit. The far-fetchedness is supposed to make you laugh, not be insulted by. He isn't above playing to the Legolas love. If it was a story Tolkien wanted to tell, if it was themes Tolkien wanted to put across, why should that screaming thing with an Orli poster be excluded? He makes it universal, he makes it playful. And behind all this is sheer genius.

I suppose in that sense I make up the crowd you're talking about. I'm indistinguishable, and Legolas amuses me, and I think I may have squealed 'Billy' instead of 'Pippin' when he talks about salted pork. The computer games? Lets me be a part of the world, for a little while. I suppose it's disgusting to feel as though you have to let go of your interpretation of LOTR just to realign it with the world's, especially when the world only really goes because Viggo has travel stubble, or something, but see, that's why I want to do film, dammit. Ok, so PJ was successful because of his talent, but he got the opportunity to share his version with the world, in the most accessible medium there is. That's why the Arwen barbie wears that green dress, that's why Pippin's trademark is his scarf.

Ok I won't go into this. I have finished.

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
4:28 pm
Gacked off saphreanth, though gacked things are gacked so many times I suppose it hardly matters anymore.

Lotrboy Dating Service by dreaminaway
Favorite Number
Your DateDom AND Billy (package deal!)
Date activityDinner and a movie
Future of relationshipHot, wild fling, baby!
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

To be very honest I thought it said 'age' instead of 'favourite number'. Though upon reflection, 16 could really start to grow on me. I tried it a couple of times after and this is a RARE result, baby!

Aps got me a really nice orange scarf from India for Christmas. It's more like a shawl, really, but I'll just pretend. Thaaaank you! Will wear it tomorrow. And Andi I finished your present today (yes obviously knitting things for everyone wouldn't have worked), and I am Proud of it, so if you think it looks like crap just... hug me and say thank you anyway. I still have lots of gifts to get. I've figured out Chit's, though that probably took so long due more to inertia than actual difficulty... I miss Chit. I miss randomly squeeing in the wee hours of the night. And the BNL love feels very lonely. Steve had a new entry on the blog and my first instinct was to run to the phone.

Meme thing from Chit's blogCollapse )

Had an amusing evening twisting TTT into pure dirt. We found a Frodo orgasm, among other things. During a sneaky BJ ("Well, Sam could have just crept down there," said Minty) as an agonised Faramir stands by watching and wanting him very much indeed. Also Uruk-hai apparently don't believe in hobbit BJs, while Orcs think they are tasty.

Plus, modem working on notebook, so even though cannot watch QAF, can now go read TWOP episode recaps. And I managed to hear Justin's handjob.

S'good, life.

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003
11:05 pm
Incidentally, am I the only person who heard Gimli calling Aragorn 'Arry'?

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1:29 pm
Grayson Perry received the Turner in a little girl's dress. His wife made me realise something that's been festering for a while, but I'm still struggling with it a bit. It's the idea that there's no such thing as a dysfunctional person, only people with issues that we can't help but pick up along the way, and all there is for it, is that you have to find your own ways to deal. Crossdressing is Perry's way of finding relief, and his wife accepts that. She doesn't just accept it, she doesn't see anything wrong with it. You half expect her to be defensive, but she doesn't campaign, she just says that it's a part of him. It's not 'I love him despite this', it's 'I love him, and this is what he is'. And by doing that she draws less attention to it, and you don't see Perry as this tragic figure, only as a man who has problems but is strong enough to deal with them, and lucky enough to have found someone who understands.

'As a therapist, Mrs Perry does not believe in "normal". She believes her husband's public cross-dressing makes him a pioneer for self-acceptance.'

Is that a bit extreme? I don't know. But I was thinking of all the anti-homophobia campaigns and things, and how people fight and fight and fight for their rights and end up only exposing more loopholes in their arguments. And this is such a simpler, subtler way of making a stand. If you can touch someone with quiet determination, the effect is so much more lasting than if you holler in their faces and force them to protest march. You give them the chance to actually listen to you and come to a realisation, instead of going on the defensive straightaway.

On another note, the Turner Prize really makes me want to hit something every year. This Martin Creed fellow. 'The Tate's communications curator said his work was "emblematic of mortality".' Mate, it's light going on and off in an empty room.

'Another work, Some Blu-Tack Kneaded, Rolled Into A Ball, And Depressed Against A Wall, looks exactly as its name suggests.'

Ok, so call me Neanderthal. I love it, I think it's interesting. I think it's playful. I'd love to get inside this guy's head. But you try giving a lump of Blu-Tack to the AEP judges.

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12:07 pm
I want to watch QAF! SOMEONE GIVE ME QAF!

I shall deliberate Kazaa. Am terrified.


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12:40 am
Nostalgia - Now Threepence Off, Adrian Mitchell

Took this off Risse. Had to link it, the LJ font didn't do it justice. (Bao! New layout, quick!)

The last stanza started to remind me of Dawn's stuff, but it became a lot more controlled later... the rambling itself makes sense, rather than the rambling just creating a mood. Something like that. I'm sure that's trying to say something to me about local poetry, but I don't know what it is.

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Saturday, December 20th, 2003
11:29 pm
I cried today listening to Steward of Gondor and Into the West. Cannot believe those stupid kids ruined it for me the first time around. Seriously, I'm taking this very personally because it was just unbelievable (down, Minty, down!) and I feel so cheated because I didn't get to watch it properly. I wouldn't have minded so much if they were talking sense, like if the stupid twat had been explaining the story to his sister or something. I'd be pretty annoyed. But I wouldn't be homicidally upset. The first time round I was distracted, and the second I knew what to expect. Which hardly made it a lesser movie, but it did take the edge off a bit. I feel like crying! when! I! think! about! how wasted all the anticipation I had for it was. And the most disgusting thing is that the film was so, so, so.... much. And by the second time I watched it I already had seen the scenes, I just hadn't put any emotion into them. So watching them again felt so deliberate. I was pretty amused by the whole situation last night, like something to tell the kids when I'm fifty or something, but it's just not funny now. It's disgusting. You don't do things like that on the opening night of a film that most people in the cinema have been wanting to watch for the better part of the year. I hate them. I hate them. I want to poke them with pokey stick things which are preferably molten hot while they're slowly writhing on the floor and tell them to go to hell and get me some kind of time turner thing so they can just begin to make amends for how they ruined my life. I want to cause them so much pain, I almost feel ashamed of myself.

I dislike kids. I'm never going to have them. I'm never going to be responsible for bringing stupid demons into the world. I don't want to ever be the indirect cause of somebody's feeling like this about... King Kong, or something. Or when David Eddings finally releases the Belgariad film rights. Torak's about to be struck down - "Belgarath is Korean!"

I was thinking that Pete Jackson actually went out of his way to make the hobbit love unslashy. When Frodo pressed his forehead to Sam's cheek and said that he was glad he was with him at the end of all things? Sam was crying because of the life he'd left behind, and what he could have had with Rosie and kids and the Shire and all that, and that was wayyy unecessary. That was my argument when my dad told me, "There was one thing I didn't like. There was so much homosexual undertones." and I had to like, deny the urge to swing from the chandeliers, and squash my fangirl instincts and argue it rationally so that he wouldn't know I derived much pleasure from exactly that.

Although Frodo did say at the end, "You can't always be torn in two, Sam," which surely meant that Frodo only left for Valinor because their affair was becoming too intense for Sam to handle.

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Friday, December 19th, 2003
1:37 am - "A Diversion."
I'm looking at an Air New Zealand postcard and there's a brilliantly sneaky tagline: Visit the set they couldn't fit into a Hollywood Studio. Middle Earth is New Zealand. Air New Zealand, airline to Middle-Earth. Bastard marketing genuises.

ROTK rocked my socks off (did that go out with whoopsie daisies?) and then tickled my feet, est. 1987, unhairy. Gandalf got very funky new hair, as someone said. Gandalf got very funky, period. But there were these idiots sitting next to me debating Orlando Bloom's nationality through the last half hour of the damn thing. Over Frodo's farewell I was distracted by conversation that went like this:

"See Legolas? He's Danish."

"Is he?"


"...Who's Legolas?" (!!)

"The Elf guy."

"The Elf guy?"

"See the guy in white?"

"The blonde guy who killed the big elephant thing?"

"Yeah, him. He's Danish."

"No he's not, he's American. I can tell, because his accent sucks."

"He's Danish."









Kids. Do not try this at your local cinema, because people may track down your name, address and phone number and send you packages of decapitated rubber Orc while you're on your cellphone wondering who's on the other end breathing, "They are coming."

I missed something vital to the... understanding of Sam and Frodo's relationship, shall we say? So discontented me is going to watch it with saphreanth again tomorrow at one in the morning because everything else is sold out and we are cool like that, possibly (probably) again with Aps when she gets back, and then again with Andi on the 29th. Hobbit love galore! Sewper-slashy. And how cool is Aragorn. I didn't go in costume, Andi laughed at my hobbit dress. Poooo. She cried alot! Everytime I looked over she was emitting squeaky noises and blubbering... and I'd been completely prepared to blubber too, only the Danish conversationalists stoppered my tear ducts.

I had supper later with Minty and we ate this thing called Forest of Mushrooms. This creamy Linguini thing. And we're like, "Mushrooms!" Then we finished the pasta and there were a lot of mushrooms left. And lots of cream. We ate the cream. Then the pile of mushrooms looked like orc carcasses and the two mushroom bits beside them became hobbits, and we ate the hobbits.

I love the way the human brain so tenuously relates one thing to another.

Going to watch it properly tomorrow, and then I will be satisfied. I feel so unfulfilled.

Check these guys out.

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Thursday, December 18th, 2003
12:49 am
Didn't sleep after all. Here, Andi.Collapse )

Now I have to go and sacrifice many goats at my Draco shrine.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
10:58 pm
I've put the FOTR DVD in the den cupboard, and told my brother to clear his barang out of it. Everyone has been called. Chicken rice is being bought for lunch. The board is set, the pieces are moving. The curling tongs are laid out, Minty has Phoned. We come to it at last. After tomorrow I can finally start contemplating my imminent life upheaval.

Today after rehearsal I saw people painting beside the Koi pond, and in a fit of admittedly not uncharacteristic sentimentality, I thought, I'll never get to see those banners. Or at least, I'll never get to see them getting tangled in the plant pots while I say the pledge. And it hit me: I'm going to miss morning assemblies. Right down to Jerlene conducting the national anthem from her place. Hall assemblies were bad enough. How Low Can You Go, eh?

Though I haven't thought much about actually leaving. No one's devastated about graduating, because I guess you're just going to be seeing the same people next year again anyway (albeit with a good bit of testosterone thrown in the mix), and I'm just following in the general mood.

Briefly moving back to more major life issues: I have an Aragorn car decal! I fail to understand why Legolas should have a poster on his own behind Aragorn's. Even the car decal has Legolas kind of subtly gigantic in the background.

Chit's forwarded me a Beng LOTR e-mail.... "Frodo and some peng yew kena arrow to go and destroy the ring."

Now, I sleep! See you all tomorrow.

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3:48 am
Mmmmm, watched Secretary again and the cast is fantastic. The directing is fantastic. So is the script. It's so offbeat and inoffensively, unpredictably, unobtrusively, wonderfully Dysfunctional and unjudgemental. Must get DVD!

This is Funny. Click around and stare at the scrolling names. Kel says it'll supplement Draco's vocabulary, while Harry says, "Huh?"

current mood: happy

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1:28 am
There are some pretty lousy souls on awesome_layouts man. I was feeling small as I read the squabbles in the comments. (inventing just sent them her layout to be rated)

And Secretary is really, really brilliant. It's the best film I've seen in ages. Kel thought it was disturbing, I thought it was almost reassuring, Bao thought it was quirky. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Loved it so much. Cannot recommend it enough. Rewatching it now while Bao and Kel chat on the window ledge. (Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like this cross between Charisma Carpenter, Kirsten Dunst and Xiang Yun.)

Oh and this thing made us laugh:

Something on someone's LJ commentsCollapse )

Unrelatedly, Ed (Park, not any other) e-mailed me today. Hee.

Do you say "seh-cre-tree" or "seh-cre-teh-ry"? And if it's "seh-cre-teh-ry", do you say "seh-cre-terry" or "seh-cre-teary"?

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
11:58 am
Wrote another for 15minuteficlets. Done at 5 am this morning and then, boredum cured, I collapsed in fatigue so forgive it its shortcomings. I'm thinking I'll try to do a h/d for every word they post. Capture the love from every angle.... oh yeahh. I'll just put it up here for archiving's sake then.

Cookies Need Love (Like Everything Else)Collapse )

current mood: groggy

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Monday, December 15th, 2003
10:25 pm
Christmas pressies. >:D

To kick things off, here is a nice picture. for KelCollapse ).

Secondly, a request: I need to get this on any media in the known universe.

And this which is completely bizarre (but has great pic of guy in shower). Not for faint of heart, and Bao.

great pic of guy in shower (this one not for kel as possibly too blatant for her liking)Collapse )

Everything is from brightlightsfilm.com, which rocks.

AND I just watched Everybody Says I'm Fine! on lovely VCD that Chit found in Bombay Talkies and Rehaan Engineer is one of the most beautiful men in the world, seriously.

Hi Andi!

Tonight I am in full voyeuristic berk mode.

current mood: horny

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9:18 am
Ooh, ooh, ooh, shamelessly stolen from darshyva: slashy excerpt from A Suitable Boy.

Read this and tell me we were imagining itCollapse )

I may have to go plough through the damn thing now. 'The covers of this book are too far apart.'

I'm late for rehearsal!

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